Development of an international educational platform for physics experiments in schools

Low-Cost Experiments In School Physics

by Günther Oßwald

We are creating an international consulting platform for low-cost school experiments, initially in the subject of physics. Each experiment is presented with a video showing how the experiment is set up and carried out.

This is accompanied by written instructions in at least four languages. The target group is primarily teachers at schools in developing countries or at schools that cannot afford expensive experiment material from teaching materials companies. The experiments are carried out by ourselves and optimized for school use, as well as classified thematically and didactically so that they are accessible for a search function.

Cooperation with similar projects worldwide is actively sought. We are in
contact with physics teachers in various developing countries, whose wishes are
are taken into account.

Despite intensive research, we are not aware of any comparable initiatives! The long-term goal is to build the world’s largest platform of this kind, with suitable experiments in practically every school physics subject areas.

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