Bake for Ukraine

Securing the food supply in Ukraine

Bake for Ukraine

by Olga Graf, Maria Kalenska
Humanitarian Aid to the South of Ukraine


by Sina Gasde, Katharina Helling, Katleen Krüger
Financing cars to support the evacuation of injured persons from dangerous war zones in Ukraine

Freedom Convoy

by Ragnar Sass, Peeter Rikken
Monetary donations to support the Ukrainian rail sector

Global Ukraine Rail Task Force

by Jolene Molitoris and Nick Brooks
Humanitäre Hilfe in Deutschland und Ukraine


by Eugen Laschinski, Mario Drescher, Thomas Richardt
Humanitarian Aid in the City of Luebeck and to the Ukraine

Helping Hands Luebeck

by Denise Kaynak, Emilia Koch, Christian Corrigeux
Social behavior change


by Olga Diakova, Nina Levchuk
Creating awareness, raising money for a wartime shelter in Ivano-Frankiwsk

Take Away

by Elizaveta Bogachova
3D-Printing a School in Lviv


by Dominique Piotet, Jean-Christophe Bonis
Saving Ukraine from the Energy Crisis

UA2P – Ukraine to Power

by Dr. Thomas Gnefkow, Dr. Rainer Hönig, Andrii Gladky

Ukraine Refugee Support

by Tom Kirschbaum, Thomas von Hake, Frieder Kühne, Tilmann Volk
Emergency Aid

United For Ukraine

by United For Ukraine Association
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