The equivalent of another 7.000+ Food parcels for ukrainian railway workers families by UK railroad companies in London fundraised

Good news: ANOTHER 7.000 food parcels in London fundraised! With newspaper article by THE EVENING STANDARD

Huge excitement! The ukrainian railroad workers asked the initiative after the very first 6.000 food parcels a few months ago not to stop but to continue for a further 24.000 food packages

On Sept. 12th 2023 many partners within the rail community came together and made a milestone a reality: The amount of money contributed this day equals

7.056 further food parcels

and brings them a huge step closer to their goal of another 24.000 food parcels after the very first donation. The response on the event was overwhelming. THANK YOU to anybody giving time, ressources and not the least donations. We´re thankful.

The initiative writes

“(…) Exciting news! Yesterday in London, UK-based rail non-profit Rail Partners hosted ‘Rail Partners with Ukraine’, a special fundraiser. We’re thrilled to share that we raised £105,847 (€122,867, $131,860) for the Global Ukraine Rail Task Force’s food package campaign, run with the help of WE AID. This means approximately 7056 food parcels will be delivered directly to Ukrainian railway workers and their families. (…)”

 group photo from the Event

Read the press release of the initiative:


The EVENING STANDARD writes about the fundraising event:

Screenshot of the Article the Eveneing Stardard wrote about the fundraising event.

Find all infos on initiative and the Media Echo on their WE AID page. Really any amount of donations is welcome:


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