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Who we are

WE AID is a non-profit organization for handling spontaneous or temporary crisis emergency aid

What we do

WE AID offers a professional, non-profit organizational structure on a temporary basis

We want to enable private initiatives to implement their non-profit commitments within a few days. In this way, WE AID contributes to the independent implementation of civil society activities and thus to strengthening social commitment. We are a non-profit organisation and rely on donations and your support. Thanks for helping us building a sustainable platform by donating directly for WE AID.

The purpose of WE AID is to promote help for victims of war and disasters

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Target audience

For private donors with private initiatives
For individuals who want to support verified initiatives
For corporate donors to implement their corporate social initiatives

Civic engagement proposal

WE AID exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes within the meaning of the “Tax-privileged purposes” section of the German Fiscal Code (AO)
Enable short and medium-term civil society engagement in acute crisis situations, promote the exchange of experience and knowledge
Build and promote networks to make civil society engagement even more effective
Maximizing trust into charitable initiatives
Enable financial support from donors to non-profit initiatives and organizations
Implement and support humanitarian activities, e.g. by coordinating aid and providing infrastructure (e.g. supplying the above-mentioned groups with food and clothing as well as medical care)

Supported initiatives

Fundraiser for Ukraine


by Judit Vaserhelyi-Kondor, Julia Singh
Promotion of aid for refugees, displaced persons, war victims, war survivors, war-disabled persons and prisoners of war.

Help For Ukraine

by Stepan Aslanian and Pavlo Marchyshak
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Moon Bin Project Logo white transparent
Adolescent Mental Health Care and Suicide Prevention

Moonbin Project

by James-Alexander Moritz
Protection and support of LGTBIQ+ people and organizations in Uganda

Queer Aid Uganda Alliance

by Ute Hiller, Stephan Jäkel
We celebrate the Independence Day of Ukraine

Ukraine-Hilfe Potsdam

by Daniil Gravov
Supporting people with disablities and promoting crowd funding

Crowd Bash

by Startnext & circular economy fashion startup Kleiderei Berlin
Raising funds for LGBTQ+ Organisations - 2.222 Km with a BAMBOO BICYCLE from coast to coast and 15 cities!

Que(e)r durchs Land

by Brix Schaumburg, Lutz Stöver
Gute Mission Logo Websitelogo white XL
Promotion of aid for refugees, displaced persons, war victims, war survivors, war-disabled persons and prisoners of war


by Nataliia Kovalenko, Maryna Soroka, Natalia Rybalko, Ana Lichtwer, Elena Korchagina, Darya Korotenko
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