Providing children from the south of Ukraine with warming kits for the winter

“Give Warmth” – Dobrodiy

by Nataliia Osipova, Mariya Denysenko

“Give warmth” is providing warming kits in support of the children near the front line in southern Ukraine.

Recovering from the occupation, the loss of loved ones and their homes, and being under constant shelling is a daily routine for children in remote towns and villages in Mykolaiv Oblast. Interruptions in electricity and heating, the constant need to go to shelters – every piece of this reality worsens the cold. It doesn’t matter if there will be a blackout, because it will still be cold!

The “Give Warmth” initiative provides warming kits for children from Mykolayiv to support the children near the front line in the south of Ukraine. A complete warming set consists of a blanket, a thermal mug, and shoes. The aim is to provide warming sets to 2000 children living in places near the front line in the south of Ukraine.

With your donation, you can help warm up the children who live in Mykolaiv Oblast. The fundraising goal of the Dobrodiy Club is to provide 2000 children with a warm set. One complete set costs 59 Euros.

Your support will make a significant impact on the lives of these children. Donating to the “Give Warmth” campaign can bring comfort and warmth to those who need it the most. Your contribution will provide essential items to help them endure the harsh winter conditions.

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