Supported Initiatives

Humanitarian Aid to the South of Ukraine


by Sina Gasde, Katharina Helling, Katleen Krüger
Fund long-term shelters for refugees

Every Bed Helps

by Nena Apartments, Florian Wichelman
In-kind donations to the war zone and borderland as well as Hamburg

Hamburg Helps! Ukraine, an Initiative by Hamburg Helps!

by Thorsten Köppen, Nicole Szuba, Jessica Wachs
Humanitarian Aid in the City of Luebeck and to the Ukraine

Helping Hands Luebeck

by Denise Kaynak, Emilia Koch, Christian Corrigeux
Christmas gifts for ukrainian children

Honey For Peace

by Alexander Gankin
Monetary donations to support the Ukrainian Railways

Support Global Ukraine Task Force

by Alliance of Passenger Rail New Entrants (ALLRAIL)

Ukraine Refugee Support

by Tom Kirschbaum, Thomas von Hake, Frieder Kühne, Tilmann Volk
Emergency Aid

United For Ukraine

by United For Ukraine Association
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