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U2P – Emergency power for Ukraine: Help can be provided quickly via WE AID

Ukraine’s energy infrastructure is being systematically destroyed by Russian shelling. The Trypillya power plant, one of the largest power generation facilities for three regions, including Kiyv, has now been completely ruined by Russian missiles. Meanwhile, residents have been asked to close their windows, charge all appliances and stock up on water.

This time, Russia is attacking Ukraine’s energy infrastructure differently than it did a year ago. While last winter the aim was to plunge Ukrainian cities into darkness and cold by attacking distribution stations and lines, the current attacks are aimed at power generation capacity. Experts explain that this is aimed at completely destroying the power plants, as a quick recovery is impossible.

The energy supply situation remains particularly difficult in Kharkiv.

Since 2022, WE AID has been working with the #Ukraine2Power initiative (formerly “UA2P” – now “U2P”), which supports critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine in the event of a power outage.

Mobile battery storage units are procured through donations and sent to Ukraine. What began as an idea by Dr. Thomas Gnefkow has developed into a larger project. We will be reporting more on this soon.

The work of Ukraine2Power (U2P) is important right now to ensure a secure energy supply and we invite you to support them at this link:

💛➡️  https://www.we-aid.org/en/initiatives-2/ua2p-ukraine-to-power/

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