Promotion of aid for refugees, displaced persons, war victims, war survivors, war-disabled persons and prisoners of war.

Patriot UA

by Oleksandr Lazorenko, Yurii Koyra

“From Person To Person” humanitarian project

“Patriot UA,” in collaboration with the eDopomoga project initiated by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, supported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and UNDP, with financial backing from Sweden, works to address the immediate needs of individuals affected by Russian aggression, including those who have suffered or been displaced from their homes.

Charity program “Via Ad Vitam”

The program aims to provide comprehensive support to soldiers who have been injured in military operations as a result of Russian aggression against Ukraine. The focus of the program is to offer both physical and psychological assistance to these individuals. Additionally, plans are in place to support the children of fallen soldiers with the help of international organizations.

“Give a gift of smile” Initiative

The annual short-term initiative aimed to provide gift packages to the children of the displaced families and orphans in Chernihiv and Kherson regions via private donations and corporate funds.

The donations collected via WE AID are exclusively used for civil aid projects.

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