Restoring Climate Tree By Tree


by Viktoria Fialko, Natalya Ulyanova

Reforestation of Ukrainian territory to increase the forest cover and sequester CO2 that was released into atmosphere due to war related activity.

Treepilya is a female founded reforestation NGO that develops projects on Ukrainian community lands.  The organization is striving in order to compensate for the destructions inflicted on Ukrainian environment by Russian aggression. The project will be realised in the Vinnytsa region on 360 hectares, and will result in additional 1 million trees.


REFOREST the planet – two women started this iunitiative to plant ONE MILLION TREES in disasterzones - support them

The female founders (pic from their website):

Supported by WE AID: Initiative Treepliya refforestation project – the female founders


TREEPILYA reforestation project  1 Million trees planned - support

To meet the challenge of the 1.5°C goal all organizations have to implement decarbonization initiatives and reduce their emissions to reach net zero by 2050.
Stakeholders worldwide are putting pressure on businesses to decarbonize their operations and present meaningful mitigation plans.

Forest sector plays a key role in enabling the transition to a net-zero economy.

While almost 1/3 of Ukrainian forests where affected and roughly 300,000 hectares were entirely destroyed, replanting forests is essential for the sustainable development of our country and a chance of a healthy future for our children.

Numbers from the Treepliya website:

Supported by WE AID: Initiative Treepliya reforestation project – numbers on woods and forests in ukraine

Treepilya will plant 1 million trees in the Vinnytsa region. The organization will use local nurseries to source seedlings, and local labor to carry out planting activities. The maintenance of the area will continue for 10 years post planting and is included in the project.


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