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Global Ukraine Rail Task Force

by Jolene Molitoris and Nick Brooks

Raise Funds For The Rail Sector In This Crisis


After Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, the rail system has become the lifeline of the Ukrainian people as well as its humanitarian and war effort. But Russia is deliberately targeting it – damaging the infrastructure and injuring or killing its workers. More than 1460 rail workers have been wounded and 560 killed so far in their mission to keep the network running in the current wartime atmosphere.

The Ukrainian rail sector needs your help in this crisis! Donation proceeds provide food packages for rail workers and their families in the war zone. Each one consists of flour, pasta, rice, salt, corn and wheat grits, oil, canned fish and meat, pate, tea, condensed milk, sugar, and biscuits/cookies. We are also collecting to transport urgent medical supplies collected in other parts of the world to the frontline to the facilities of Ukrainian Railways

Generous donors have made it possible to provide tens of thousands of packages so far. For more details, watch the short video below.

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On June 20th representatives of the Ukrainian Railway told attendees from across the UK rail sector about the immediate need they have for personal protective equipment – including helmets and bullet proof vests.


Rail Partners (a UK rail trade association) has launched the #KitForKyiv campaign. This is an initiative in partnership with the Global Ukraine Rail Task Force to support the purchase of body armour and helmets for Ukrainian train drivers travelling to the front line. Known in Ukraine as the ‘Iron People’ Ukrainian railway workers are often working in dangerous areas, at risk of attack and are the last to leave and first to return to areas subject to missile strikes. They need protective equipment to keep them safe while they’re at work. 

From today, all funds donated in GBP/£ to the Global Ukraine Rail Task Force will go directly to the #KitForKyiv campaign. Every £20 donation will ensure oneUkrainian rail employee can be provided with an armoured personal protective vest and helmet.




First MILESTONE April 2023:

6000 packages/parcels of food aid, as shown in this video:

initiative Global Ukraine Rail Task Force for railroad workers relief


Second MILESTONE Summer 2023

Railway workers from Kryvyi Rih, Nikopol, Apostolove, Pyatikhatki, Kherson, Mykolaiv, and employees of the Dnipro underground received 108 tons of clean drinking water and 300 packages of food aid. Remember also: this one counts also on SDG 2 – Zero Hunger as well as SDG 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation of the global goals. Allrail press release on the milestone:

Third MILESTONE Sep 12th 2023 achieved!:

Read the Allrail press release on the recent fundraising event in London making a fantastic 7.000+ MORE food packages possible:

Fourth MILESTONE Jan 11th 2024

Trip to Kyiv to hand over latest donation cheque in the amount of €130.000

Fifth MILESTONE – May 2024

7,500 ADDITIONAL food packages were delivered to railway workers and their families needing assistance in the warzone.

Read the ALLRAIL press release on the third food package distribution:

7,500 More Food Packages Reach  Ukrainian Railway Workers

We’d like to thank everybody who contributed so far!


This is in the food parcels - as another 7,500 food parcels are packed, we show you what is in the packages. And: We continue fundraising on request of the railroaders for support. One railroader passion family – the iron family



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Milestone: Fundraising Event in London – another 7.000 new food packages fundraised!

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