Securing the food supply in Ukraine

Bake for Ukraine

by Olga Graf, Maria Kalenska

Through the taste of Ukrainian bread Bake for Ukraine wants to remind people all over the world of the ongoing war and the effect on the people

Bread is a very fundamental and sacred food. It is an everyday product that everyone can relate to. By promoting Ukrainian bread culture, they want to contribute to preserving it in times when it is at risk of getting lost.

Ukraine has a very profound grain culture which is also noticeable in the national flag: The blue part symbolizes the sky, the yellow part stands for a grain field. The extremely fertile land has made the country an important global grain producer, providing 7-12% of the world’s wheat supply alone (Source: OEC). The war puts this part of the global food supply chain at risk. At the same time, the country is starting to run out of flour and other basic foods for their own people, which reduces food security in the country.

During the ongoing invasion, Bakeries in Ukraine play a crucial role in providing affordable basic food to local communities. Funds will be used in support of bakeries and bakers in Ukraine in order to keep the civil population nourished. This includes materials for a new bakery, as well as professional fees, venue rental and administrative costs relating to hosting the master classes and events dedicated to Ukrainian bread.

Being directly in touch with bakeries in Odesa, Butcha and Kharkiv and thanks to the network in Germany and Ukraine they can make sure the products reach the right recipients.



Bake for Ukraibe portraied by the legendary BBC radio 4 podcast

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