Humanitäre Hilfe in Deutschland und Ukraine


by Eugen Laschinski, Mario Drescher, Thomas Richardt

Helpchain, a small association from Herford, has been dedicated to peace and freedom for the people of Ukraine since its foundation in April 2022. Guided by humanity and charity, the volunteers work tirelessly to make life easier for Ukrainians who have fled.

Helpchain has so far accompanied over 200 people by phone on known evacuation routes through Ukraine, and to ensure a safe arrival in Germany. The organisation itself organised evacuations by bus, mainly from Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine and the south-east via Odessa to Moldova and then mainly to Germany, but also to Italy and Austria. This also includes the transfer of 30 injured people from Ukraine to German hospitals. In addition to the approximately 2,000 people rescued so far, 50 animals of refugees were also given passage to Germany.

The volunteers are still continuously involved in assisting people who have fled to Germany. For example, around 600 families have been helped by finding a place to live. In Herford, Bielefeld, Gütersloh and Bochum alone, Helpchain has so far provided accommodation for 500 people. Helpchain also takes care of the needs of refugees after their arrival. For example, the children’s clothing store in the Herford region has provided 400 families with clothing, shoes, baby food, hygiene articles, toys and much more.

Helpchain’s counselling services include support in dealing with authorities, which has already been used by about 1000 people, as well as psychological support for 50 people. With its holistic offer, the Herford initiative creates livable conditions for people who are forced to leave everything behind by the Russian invasion. The young association remains steadfast because of the enormous commitment of a few volunteers, but is urgently in need of financial support. This is where every euro comes in.

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