Humanitarian Aid in the City of Luebeck and to the Ukraine

Helping Hands Luebeck

by Denise Kaynak, Emilia Koch, Christian Corrigeux

A small group of people from Lübeck who got together at the beginning of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine to help people in need here in Lübeck and quite concretely, without talking too much. We want to help and collect money and donations in kind to support people where help is needed.

Our goal is to set up a network for the collection and transport of donations in kind.

The simple and concrete way for every Lübecker to help without having to create a network or worry about how donations in kind reach their recipients. Every helping hand is very welcome. The only requirement: you are structured in a similar way to us. So something like this: “Don’t hesitate, just do it”

The targeted initiation of fundraising campaigns, e.g. B. at schools or anywhere where a large number of citizens can be reached quickly.

Collection of larger amounts of donations in kind in the Lübeck city area, e.g. B: at schools, after fundraisers, etc. at companies. The compilation, collection, storage of these goods in cooperation with the company Optima Gebäudeservice Nord GmbH in Lübeck and the relief supplies, their transport by truck or by van to exactly the places near the Poland/Ukraine border where they are needed at the moment.

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