Impact Force is an Ukrainian NGO focused on social behavior change, lasting social impact, creating economic opportunities, and taking action for the common good.

Our goal is to enable, develop and strengthen the voice of Ukraine in the modern world. But Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine has driven the sharpest contraction in output on record resulting in Ukrainian entrepreneurs struggling to survive. Despite this, we see the rise of a value-based society where businesses and organizations put impact at the top of their goals, actively contributing to various social causes and prioritizing people over profit. However, this is done in an unstructured way and might be lost post-war.

So, to support Ukrainian entrepreneurs and help them form the basis for the economic and social regeneration of the country, Impact Force launched an impact acceleration program called “Impact Business UA.” This pilot program was launched with the support from the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and the WEF Global Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship, and in partnership with SiLab Ukraine,,, Netguru, Tech to the Rescue, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, and academics and alumni from the University of Cambridge. It is designed for the active businesses registered in Ukraine that will contribute to the wartime survival and post-war recovery of Ukraine and will create a positive and lasting social impact with an estimated increase of +$250m towards the GDP of Ukraine over 5 years from now.

Impact business will play a significant role in Ukraine’s economic survival and revival. At present, it is crucial that it gets all the support and investment it needs. Please show your support by donating to our project today. With your help, we will be able to support even more Ukrainian entrepreneurs that plan to rebuild Ukraine’s economy and society as just, sustainable and equitable. Thank you!

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