Adolescent Mental Health Care and Suicide Prevention

Moonbin Project

by James-Alexander Moritz
Moon Bin (Astro) memoriam project - fans mourn together for the legendary kpop star collecting for a good cause same time

In memory of Moonbin

Due to the departure of Astro’s Moonbin, we have formed a small group to collect money for a Korean NGO that is active in the field of mental health. In this way, we want to make a small contribution to support those affected and their families.

The recipient of the funds will be Community Chest Korea, which will support organisations in the field of mental health care and suicide prevention in Korea after a needs assessment.

We do not intend to speculate about the cause of death with this project, as was requested by his family and agency. It is simply meant as a way for (international) fans to find a way to say goodbye and find closure.


Moon Bin Portrait drawing - beneft fundraiser for a good cause - a group of people turns grief into something for the living

Initiative Moon Bin project – Fans collect for a good cause within mental health in memory of the departure of KPop star Moon Bin (Astro)


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