Strengthening democratic structures and the civil society by revealing hidden networks and dirty lobbying


by Julian Vetten, Liudmyla Zlobina

Strengthening democratic structures and civil society by revealing hidden networks and dirty lobbying

Our Mission is a data-driven research platform that enables investigative journalists, activists and other parts of the civic society to investigate antidemocratic influences on both Germany and the EU from abroad, especially from authoritarian regimes, through corruption, dependencies of PEPs and officials, illegal lobbying etc.

Mycelium wants to contribute to raising the level of awareness of German and EU citizens and their conscious participation in decision-making processes through the professional development of independent media and the establishment of a public dialogue between the community, government and businesses. was founded by journalists and media experts as a research platform focussing on the fight against corruption. It is kickstarted by the Prawda Project, which provides a deep understanding of lobbying influences by the Russian Federation on German democracy. Prawda contains a visualisation of networks between people and legal entities as well as journalistic investigations on its basis, establishing as a reliable source of high-quality multimedia content on Russian networks in Germany and other democratic countries.

Our values

We strongly believe in the European idea. We are committed to European values such as freedom, social justice and equal opportunities. They are the basis for sustainable societies and for social as well as economic prosperity. They are worth being defended. Freedom of the press is the key to a healthy democracy, as democracies only thrive when people are as informed as possible. Therefore we are committed to high journalistic standards pursuing our researches and stories.

Work already done

We cooperate with like-minded institutions like the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), Transparency International (TI), and relevant newspapers.

Who we are looking for

We are a volunteer network. Our technical expenses are financed by private donations and small amounts of authors’ rights only. We are striving for further funding from legitimate organisations in order to increase our outreach.
We are looking for donors with whom we share our values. We are open to offers that will fund our organisational development, the creation of the website or separate projects.

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