Event platform application in Berlin created by Ukrainians for Ukrainians


by Oleksii Biloshytskyi

At Podiya we are creating a one-stop-shop platform for Ukrainian migrants who need to be integrated into German society.

The escalation of war in Ukraine forced millions of Ukrainians to migrate abroad, disconnected them from their homes and families, led to substantial decrease in people’s mental and emotional wellbeing and limited access to work, education and health care.

We realize that loneliness and social isolation, especially among young people, can be one of the most important mental health factors and lead to a substantial decrease in physical and mental health.

With the help of Podiya platform people can find, share and offer the information about relevant to their needs events – cultural activities, educational classes (language classes, math classes, music classes for kids, conferences etc), work trainings, psychological and medical support (art therapies, professional psychological consultations), sport activities and others.

Our social impact – to reduce social isolation and increase social connection and integration.

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