Delegation of the initiative Global Ukraine Rail Task Force visited the Trade Union of Railway Workers in Kyiv to present a 130K cheque, with CNN article!

The initiative writes after their visit to the Trade Union of Railway Workers:

“In the face of adversity, Ukraine’s railway showcases remarkable resilience and ambition. Despite the ongoing conflict, they not only maintain critical transport links but also eye future growth and modernisation. This effort is supported by the Global Ukraine Rail Task Force (GURTF), as reported by CNN, highlighting the international community’s role in bolstering Ukraine’s infrastructural resilience.”

“This month marks a significant milestone for the Global Ukraine Rail Task Force (GURTF) as we returned to Kyiv with our largest contribution yet. It was an honor to present a cheque for €130,000 (equals £ 160,485) to the Trade Union of Ukraine Railway Workers, to purchase many more thousands of food packages, directly supporting railway workers and their families who are bravely facing the frontline of the war.”

journey to kyiv

PRESS RELEASE of the initiative:
➡️  https://www.ALLRAIL.EU/mediaposts/continuing-to-help-the-railway-workers-of-ukraine-and-their-families/

MORE on their WE AID page incl. media echo such as the CNN article:

CNN Travel writes about Ukrainian Railways and mentiones the initiative Global Ukraine Rail Task Force

Read the CNN Travel article:

THANK YOU to anyone making this possible. As the fundraising for the railworkers families continues, visit their WE AID page (link above) as well. THANK YOU IRON FAMILY!

PS: The initiative ALSO has a full doublepage in our ACTIVITY REPORT along with a video – have you read it already? You find it in our transparency section on this website.

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