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First donations handed over to the initiative “Let’s Walk Uganda” – already 40 organizations support the Queer Emergency Aid Alliance Uganda

We are very happy to announce that today we have handed over the first #donations to the non-profit organization “Let’s Walk Uganda”.

Many thanks to all donors for their generous support and to the initiative “Queer Aid Uganda” for their overwhelming commitment.

We are very happy to be able to help as WE AID and that you are part of the WE AID family, because without your personal commitment our service would be worth nothing.

Meanwhile an alliance of 40 organizations supports the initiative forming the QUEER EMERGENCY AID UGANDA ALLIANCE.

Discover more about the initiative on their WE AID page including press echo with tv, radio- and newspaper articles

💛➡️ https://www.WE-AID.org/en/initiatives/queer-aid-uganda/

and congratulations “Let´s Walk Uganda” of the Queer Emergency Aid Uganda just received an Award for their engagement towards humanrights and health during the 45. CSD pride in Berlin on stage. Here is a video by tv station Alex TV Berlin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4X1E9ZkX_2k – more MEDIA ECHO on the WE AID page of the Initiative.


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