Fundraiser for Ukraine


by Judit Vaserhelyi-Kondor, Julia Singh

BER4UA was initiated by a group of Berliners who came together in February 2022 in order to show solidarity with Ukraine and provide quick, practical help to those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We organise fundraising activities to support humanitarian causes in Ukraine through local NGOs. In 2022, we raised over €45,000 for Territory of Life. In 2023, we will support two impactful Ukrainian NGOs that empower people despite the challenges they face due to the ongoing war.


Berliners for Ukraine  – Ber4UA initiative supoorted by WE AID - humanitarian aid like prosthetics

Berliners for Ukraine  – Ber4UA initiative supoorted by WE AID - humanitarian aid like prosthetics


Impact Force focuses on economic empowerment, supporting Ukrainian women and promoting social entrepreneurship. UNBROKEN provides basic medical care for those who have suffered amputations.


Donation FAQ:

If you wish to contribute via bank transaction please indicate the name BER4UA in the reference. Should you prefer your donation be allocated to one cause entirely, please also indicate it in the reference (Impact Force or Unbroken). Otherwise, it will be split evenly between the two.

All contributions via PayPal can be allocated to the intended cause through a drop-down menu.

Donations upwards of €300,01 are tax deductible in Germany (within the meaning of §10b of the Income Tax Act or assets specified in §5 Abstract 1 Nr. 9 of the Corporation Tax Act), and you will receive the necessary documentation from WeAid.

Donation receipts can be requested by email to For this, please include in your email the following information: Name & address of the donor, donation amount, and donation date. Due to the large number of donations, WE AID issues donation receipts every three months.

Tax credit for donations up to €300,00 can be claimed by providing the transaction voucher together with our simplified donation receipt to your tax office.

Donations from abroad do not receive a legally valid donation receipt from us. However, we can create informal confirmations of receipt in these cases.

If you encounter any payment problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form provided. Your commitment makes a difference and together we can build a better future for Ukraine.

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