Providing Assistance And Raising Aid For Afghanistan

Afghan Activists in Exile

by Ehsanullah Attiq, Mohammad Edriss Behraj, Rezaei Atifa, Anna-Zoë Herr

The current situation in Afghanistan is chaotic and confusing . The Taliban have taken power in the country. People have been trying to flee Afghanistan and find safety ever since.

Afghan Activists in Exile is an organisation founded by a number of Afghan youth who were evacuated from Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover and have since been doing activism in Germany to educate people about the situation in Afghanistan and support local Afghan NGOs. AAE’s aim is to bring together Afghans in the diaspora in Germany to support Afghanistan in the areas of humanitarian aid and education, especially for girls, and to work in Germany to document the situation in Afghanistan and show it to the world.

AAE has two main purposes:

1) to educate and raise awareness about the political and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan here in Germany by organising conferences, creating documentaries, networking with different organisations, writing articles and other publications and organising protests and other events.

2) to support grassroots organisations in Afghanistan through donations, strategic cooperation and support. Organisations working for women, education and peace building in Afghanistan are exposed to dangers and often receive little support. Organisations currently supported include Smile For Afghan Children And Youth and Shamama Online Classes for Afghanistan School Girls.


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