Humanitarian Aid to the South of Ukraine


by Sina Gasde, Katharina Helling, Katleen Krüger

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the initiative BerlinOdessaExpress has been transporting humanitarian aid to the south of the war-torn country.

In cooperation with our local partners we support:

… people in remote rural areas surrounding Odessa, where the precarious life conditions worsened due to the war, with food and hygiene products.

… refugees and displaced people, mostly women and children, in Odessa by providing them shelter, food, medical and psychological care.

… people with injuries from the war with professional first aid kits.

… old and vulnerable people who could not flee Ukraine due to special needs or physical and mental health problems, with essential medicines (insulin, blood pressure, and blood-thinning medication, etc.).

So far, we have made four delivery runs that provided goods worth a total of around 70,000 Euros (i.e. roughly 70,000 USD). Due to the ongoing war and the increasing needs of our local partners, we are committed to continue with the transports as the many requests and gratitude we receive from our Ukrainian partners reassure us of the need for the goods and the appreciation of our efforts.

On our return from our transport runs, we pick up Ukrainian refugees who want to come with us back to Germany where we help them find shelter and support.

We have been generously supported by the German NGO focused on reconciliation and dealing with the past “Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste e.V.” ( and will cooperate with one of Germany’s longest-standing NGOs supporting Ukraine “Ukraine-Hilfe Lobetal” ( in the future.

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