Raising funds for LGBTQ+ Organisations

Que(e)r durchs Land

by Brix Schaumburg, Lutz Stopfer

2023s Longest Pride

This year in September (as in 2021) we will once again raise awareness and visibility with Germany’s largest bicycle Pride “Quer(e)r durchs Land” – in order to to set an example for diversity – and to collect donations.

The money raised will primarily be used to support charitable and voluntary
and voluntary organisations that are committed to the community and make a strong contribution.

With your support, you’ll set a clear and colourful example for the LGBTQI+ community and give the queer community a much-needed space and visibility, which unfortunately is often left out these days.

The route

The planned route includes 15 stops in big cities and prominent places in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy – from coast to coast:

Venice (tbd), Vienna, Zurich, Basel, Munich, Koblenz, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Bonn, Cologne, Leipzig, Berlin, Wendland, Hamburg, Kiel, Flensburg The visited places will be decorated with publicity and in cooperation with big names and supporters of the community.

These come from politics, the media or directly from well-known organisations. The reach of the planned guests serves not only as a multiplier for the message, but also for the supporters. On-site activities will include talks, queer walks, interviews, readings, performances, coffee and cake gatherings, etc.

For a good cause

In addition to creating and improving visibility for the community, our goal is also to financially support selected and voluntary organisations with funds raised. Donations will go 100% to non-profit and voluntary organisations that actively support the community.

Associations such as the Trans Recht e.V., the ISD Bund e.V., the Black LGBTIQ* Association, or the LGBTIQ* Association will be supported. (Black LGBTIQ*) or the 4Be TransSuchtHilfe.

They actively advocate for the needs and interests of the queer community. What these associations have in common is that they have lacked state support so far, so that donations are not only the right thing to do, but are also important.

Your support can consist of two components:

On the one hand, costs are incurred for the realisation of the project, such as organisation, project management, travel costs, the purchase of equipment, the facilitation of stopovers, catering and the promotion of the project. For this purpose, financial donations are needed to finance the project. With these funds we cover our costs. If there is any money left over, it will be donated additionally.

On the other hand, we are happy to receive project-related donations in kind and materials for the implementation (equipment, accommodation, vehicles, etc.).

About Brix

Brix Schaumburg is a presenter, author, coach, motivational speaker, mentor – and much more than Germany’s first outed trans actor. So he organises this and performs this as a private person.

Beyond his creative and artistic vocations, he is activist and uses his enormous reach to loudly stand up for diversity, tolerance and mindfulness. and mindfulness.

Not only does his large social media presence serve this purpose, but he actively develops
and with heart and soul to give a voice to those who stand up for the LGBTQ+
LGBTQ+ community and count themselves among them.

Quer(e)r durchs Land” was first realized by Brix Schaumburg in 2021 on a smaller scale (when Pride events literally “fell by the wayside” due to the pandemic).

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