NEWS BBC Radio 4 "The Food Programme" portrayed "Bake for Ukraine" initiative!

Have you heard it already? – Legendary BBC Radio 4 “The Food Programme portraits WE AID supported initiative “Bake for Ukraine” – an excellent podcast!

The Ukrainian south is again under Russian fire….
Meanwhile, our initiatives continue their work. The legendary BBC Radio 4 “The Food Programme is now reporting on them in a wonderful 27mins podcast.

The tireless ladies of the “Bake fort Ukraine” initiative have acquired a mobile bakery in Izmail near Odessa. Imagine what it takes to transport and maintain such a cart. But such a mobile bakery is invaluable in war!

On site, it was still necessary to check if everything was working. Locals came to help and have a look. British journalist Felicity Spector took an active part. She travels to Ukraine often.

And so the mixer prepared the dough, the generator hummed and the oven baked and it was late into the night. Everything worked well, and the test baking resulted in 50 fragrant palyanitsya, as Ukrainians call their national treasure of bread recipe: Sourdough, salt and water turned into tasty bread! People were relieved, shouted “Slava Ukraini”, cut the still warm bread into pieces and tried it with butter …

Now the mobile bakery needs some repairs and it will go where the support and bread are needed most.

Listen to Dan Savaldino tell us in the podcast how important bread is to Ukrainians. With a warm loaf of bread, people don’t feel alone.

Why bread is more than just bread in Ukraine and how Bake for Ukraine helps bakeries in Ukraine, you can get to know through this podcast

Bake for Ukraibe portraied by the legendary BBC radio 4 podcast

BBC Radio 4 The Food Programme 2023/ 07 – have a listen:

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